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Many Japanese want to study English, since it is a language that is used world-wide. Since they prefer studying with native speakers, this is a great opportunity for foreigners to make friendships with Japanese people, even without knowing their language. We have a Christian English Center set up for this purpose. At the end of each class, we also offer 15 minutes of English Bible time, a great way to share the love of God -- in English!

In general, Japanese are hard workers and very dedicated. When they decide to follow Jesus, they dedicate themselves entirely to serving Him too!

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Tama Center

Tama Christian Center

Tama Center

For Free English Bible classes, please contact the Tama English Center: 044-935-6241

Tama Love Fellowship Gospel Choir

Tama Love Fellowship Gospel Choir of Noborito Ekklesia Christian Church (see website)

Noborito Ekklesia Church Ministry

Noborito Ekklesia Church Ministry Blog

Noborito Ekklesia Church Youth

Noborito Ekklesia Church Youth Blog

Childrens' Ministries

Childrens' Ministries (J-KIDS)


Mother's Group Ministries (Amazing Grace)

Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery Ministries
(Please contact Junko Mouri at the Tama English Center:  044-935-6241)

Celebrate Recovery

Sports Ministry

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