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Tama Christian Center…an Opportunity to Contribute

Education in Japan is one of the most highly valued resources among families and people of all ages.  The Tama Christian Center is meeting the Japanese desire for English education while at the same time providing the Truth of God's saving grace.  Throughout the years many Japanese in the local area have had a chance to not only hear the gospel, but have it explained to them in an applicable way.  The truth of who Jesus really is has been given to people who otherwise would have only learned about him through Hollywood movies.

Now PAZ Japan is working to strengthen its English school ministry here in Japan.  The steady growth of our youth programs has helped children in the local area hear the gospel, receive a Bible in Japanese, and have continuous positive and lasting impression of the church.  Many have been returning to join the children's cell group where they regularly engage in God's Word.  However, the success of the school has outgrown the current capacity of our classrooms.

We are looking to remodel the church to better accommodate both the school and the church's children's church.  The English school needs donations to get the remodeling finished and continue allowing students the opportunity to hear about God.  Please consider giving a donation to help further the spread of the gospel to the next generation of Japan.

In the kindergarten, children have been studying Scripture daily.  Memorizing Bible verses and hearing stories from the Bible, many of the children have expressed their love for Jesus and desire to continue to learn more.  Parents are happy with the quality education their children are receiving and have been more than happy to encourage their children to participate in church activities. The kindergarten meets every weekday and is building a foundation of Christ in each student. The children receive an American based education in reading, math, science and the Bible. The kindergarten runs year-round, so the children have plenty of exposure to Christian native speakers.

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The after school has grown tremendously in the past few months.  Meeting on average three times a week, all the students have a chance to interact positively with Christians.  Also, because after school programs are designed to teach extra material, the children are able to learn about the Bible in Japanese and ask questions regarding Christianity.  The children are instructed in English and have plenty of opportunities to learn and play.  Many students come from the local schools and know each other outside of class.  They are learning and growing together.   Our goal is to help teach the students to seek God on their own as well as inviting them to church and cell group.

Adult and children's group lessons have also been increasing.  This has given the church more opportunities to teach the truth about God in this community.  Students are pleased with their English skills and are open to hearing about the faith of their teachers.  Many express growing interest in the Bible and in studying it.  We also have English Bible classes, in which the only text is the Bible.  The students from the center have a boarder sense of who Jesus is and continue to enjoy learning more from God's word.

The Tama Christian Center is leaving a large impact on its local community, forever changing the hearts and mind of the people in Noborito and surrounding areas.

For those of  you who would like to contribute to this important cause, please specify that your donation is: “To help remodel classrooms of the Tama Christian Center.”  Thanks so much for helping us in leading as many Japanese to the Lord Jesus Christ as possible.

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